Isle of Wight Football Association

A Division of Hampshire FA

Register of Football Clubs

(All of whom have signed up to RESPECT)


AFC Wootton Contact Rad Lutek
Address 6 Coppice End, Ryde, PO33 1QN
Phone 07894 508839

2nd Contact Shaun Howe - 07530 812564
Home Ground Wootton Rec
Colours Blue shirts,shorts & socks
BINSTEAD & COB Contact Oomesh Kishto
Address 10 Jellicoe Road, Ryde , PO33 3NY

01983 613272

Mobile 07990 870890
2nd Contact Luke Kerr 07725327754
Home Ground Binstead Rec
Colours Green & White hooped shirts, White shorts and Green socks.
BRADING TOWN Contact Stuart Hopper
Address Alma Cottage, Church Lane, Brading
Mob  07891 815924
2nd Contact S Lawton - 407003 or 07977 901423
Home Ground Peter Henry Ground Brading
Colours White Shirts, Red shorts & socks
BRIGHSTONE Contact K. William
Address  “Walton”, Moor Lane Brighstone PO30 4DL
Phone 741444
Mob  07977 576604
2nd Contact I.Pitman - 07791 279697
Home Ground Brighstone Rec
Colours Black & Blue shirts, Black shorts & Blue socks
CARISBROOKE United Contact Ms Julie Culliford-Brace
Address 117 Furrlogs, Newport PO30 2BD
Phone 529780
Mob  07930 153906
2nd Contact Reg Moul - 528766
Home Ground Clatterford Rec
Colours Green & White Stripped shirts, White shorts & socks.
COWES SPORTS Contact P. Jeffery
Address 49 Oakfield Road, East Cowes. PO32 6DS
Phone 719076
Mob 07903 085785
2nd Contact Glynn Skinner - 07854 889446
Home Ground Westwood Park, Cowes
Colours Blue & White stripped shirts, Black shorts & blue socks. 
Address 5 Acorn Gardens, East Cowes PO32 6TD 
Mob  07725 128701
2nd Contact Andy Brown - 07734 580243
Home Ground Beatrice Avenue, East Cowes
Colours Red & White striped shirts, Black shorts & Red socks
ECS Contact Mrs Jenny Gearing
Address 45 Beatrice Avenue, East Cowes PO32 6HX
Phone 296529
2nd Contact Mark Randall - 07875070431
Home Ground GKN Sports Ground, Beatrice Avenue, East Cowes
Colours 1st Blue & White hooped shirts, Blue Shorts & Blue Socks
Reserves Red & Black shirts, Black shorts & socks

Lance Elliott

Address 67 Trafalgar Road, Newort. PO301QG

07814 038794

2nd Contact Stuart Woodmore  -  07717 861873
Home Ground  
HOLMWOOD ATHLETIC Contact Jon Paul Leeke 
Address 6 Velsheda Close,Totland Bay. PO39 OAJ
Phone 07760 185613
E-Mail jon@leeke
2nd Contact Tony Howard 07809 478071
Home Ground Seaclose Park , Newport
Colours White with black shirts, black shorts & socks
KYNGS TOWNE Contact David Rees
Address 93A Station Avenue, Sandown PO36 8HD
Phone 407785
Mob 07513 139617
2nd Contact Lee Jones - 875339
Home Ground Rowborough Field, Brading
Colours 1st Green shirts, White shorts & Green socks
Reserves Green shirts, Black shorts & socks
NEWPORT Contact Graham Stevens
Address 118 Adelaide Grove,  East Cowes PO32 6DF
Phone 282698
Mob  07823 556577
2nd Contact Alison Baxter  07789 726929
Home Ground St George’s Park
Colours Yellow shirts, Blue shorts & yellow shorts
 NEWCHURCH Contact Mr D Gooze
Address 33, Park Mews, Sandown, PO36 9BL
Phone 405240
Mob  07949 870893
2nd Contact Steve Hemming - 07515 830792
Home Ground Watery Lane. Newchurch
Colours 1st Yellow shirts, Black shorts & Yellow socks.
Reserves Yellow shirts, Black shorts & socks.
NITON Contact Stuart Chatfield
Address Wyncroft, Newport Road, Niton. PO38 2DH
Phone 530551 (office)
Mob  07875 195211
2nd Contact Steve Weir Tel 731330 or 07815 975593
Home Ground Springhead, Niton
Colours 1st White shirts, Green shorts & White socks 
Reserves Green shirts & shorts, White socks
NORTHWOOD ST. JOHNS Contact Stewie Taylor
Address 35 Yarborough Road, East Cowes PO32 6SH
Mobile 07970 710467  
2nd Contact Lynden Clapp 07988 326119
Home Ground Northwood Rec
Colours Yellow with Black trim shirts, shorts & socks
OAKFIELD Contact Andrew Venn
Address 106 Great Preston Road, Ryde PO33 1DD
Phone 565584
Mob  07811 799919 
2nd Contact Mark Cass - 565999 or 07966 726862
Home Ground Oakfield Rec
Colours 1st White shirts, White shorts & White socks
Address 9 Glamis Gardens, East Cowes PO32 6BQ
Phone 280715
Mob  07725 034752
2nd Contact Paul Gilliam 07900 438370 
Home Ground Isle of Wight Community Club, Cowes
Colours 1st White shirts, Navy blue shorts & socks
ROOKLEY Contact Emma Wright
Address 5 Partridge Road, Newport. PO30 5NS
Phone 539917 or 07876 561373 
2nd Contact John Morris 721395
Home Ground Highwood Lane, Rookley.
Colours Yellow shirts, Blue shorts & socks.
RYDE SAINTS Contact Dr Des Murphy
Address "Maple House” , St George’s Road, Ryde PO33 3AS
Phone 615243
2nd Contact Gary Woodmore - 07791 502524
Home Ground First Team - Pell Lane, Ryde.
  Home Ground Reserves   - Pell Lane, Ryde.
  Home Ground 'A' Team    - Steyne Park, Bembridge
Colours Sky Blue shirts, Black shorts & white socks
ST HELENS B.S. Contact Fred Jenvey
Address ”High Lea”, Field Lane, St Helens. PO33 4DW
Phone 872301
Mobile 07749 522683
2nd Contact Keith Rust - 07873 506824
Home Ground The Green,  St Helens
Colours Red shirts, shorts & socks
SANDOWN Contact Martin Groves
Address 52 St John’s Crescent, Sandown  PO36 8EQ 
Phone 406777
2nd Contact
Home Ground Fairway Sports Centre
Colours Yellow & Black shirts, Black shorts & Black & Yellow socks
SEACLOSE Contact Anthony Winch
Address 4c Pineview Drive, Newport PO30 5GJ
Phone 523776
Mob  07874 260331
2nd Contact Daniel Baker  07713 569269
Home Ground Seaclose Rec
Colours Blue shirts, shorts & socks
SEAVIEW Contact Amanda Jones
Address 67 Solent View Road, Seaview PO34 5HH
Phone 613672
Mob  07768 635587
2nd Contact Dave Moore - 612235
Home Ground Seaview Rec
Colours 1st Red & Blue stripes, Blue shorts & socks
Reserves White shirts sorts & socks.
SHANKLIN Contact Roger Harvey
Address  71 Green Lanes, Shanklin. PO37 7EA
Phone 863141
Mob 07905 709959  
2nd Contact Alec Brennen (H) 864420 ( c) 864051 
Home Ground County Ground, Shanklin
  'A' Team Ground Broadlea Primary School
Colours Blue shirts, White shorts & Red socks
SHANKLIN VYCC Contact Colin Butler
Address Les Sebioux, St Sornin, La Marche 87210 Limousin, France
Phone 07599 848038
2nd Contact Paul Biddlecombe 863139 or 07866 213722
Home Ground Sandown High School
Colours Navy Blue shirts, yellow shorts & navy blue socks.
VENTNOR Contact Warwick Bean
Tel 07895 830435

2nd Contact Jeanette Wells - 07776 474142
Home Ground Watcombe Bottom Sports Centre, Ventnor
Colours Yellow /Blue sleeves, Blue shorts & Yellow socks
VECTIS NOMADS Contact Richard Holmes 
Address Ductworkservices, Unit 7, Riverway Ind Est, Newport
Tel 07766 733836 
2nd Contact Phil Jacobs 520222
Home Ground Nine Acres Newport  
Colours Purple/White shirts Purple shorts White socks
WEST WIGHT Contact A. J. Sexton
Address 5 Golden Ridge, Freshwater. PO40 9LE
Phone 754291
2nd Contact Trish Sexton 752283 or 07808 963199
Home Ground Camp Road, Freshwater
Colours White shirts, Blue shorts & socks.
WHITECROFT & BARTON Contact R. Sanders
Address 41 Spring Walk, Gunville,  Newport PO30 5ND
Phone 524048
2nd Contact A. Taylor - 07988 882494
Home Ground Sandy Lane, Whitecroft
Colours Red shirts, shorts & socks.
WROXALL Contact Miss Jane Edwards
Address 77 Newport Road, Ventnor PO38 1BD
Mob  07866 454960
2nd Contact Matt Croad 07972 198337
Home Ground Castle Road, Wroxall
Colours Yellow shirts, Blue shorts & Yellow socks.
YARMOUTH & CALBOURNE Contact Paul Buckland
Address Pitts Dene, The Green, Calbourne, PO30 4JB
Phone 555167
Mob  07884 076011 
2nd Contact John Meredith 753613 or 07760 194286
Home Ground Yarmouth Recreation Ground
Colours 1st Team All Red.
Reserves Tangerine & Black shirts, Black shorts & socks
FALCON Secretary Mrs D White
Address 10 Birch Gardens Binstead PO33 3XB
Contact 565538
Home Pitch Pell Lane, Ryde
Colours Red & Green Shirts & Shorts,Red Socks
MAD COW Secretary Ms M.Trigwell, 
Address Mad Cow Sports Club, 64 High Street, Shanklin. PO36 6JN
Contact 864111
Home Pitch Watcombe Bottom Ventnor
Colours Pink and Black Shirts, Shorts & Socks.
ROYAL CANARIES Secretary P.D.Winkles
Address  2 Prince Street, Ryde PO332SE
Contact 562294
Home Pitch Pell Lane, Ryde
Colours Yellow shirts, Blue shorts & Yellow socks
SHANKLIN FC (Sunday)  Contact Roger Harvey
Address  71 Green Lanes, Shanklin. PO37 7EA
Phone 863141
Mob 07905 709959  
Home Pitch
SHORWELL UNITED Secretary M. Sanders
Address 14 The Willows, Newport PO30 5YR
Contact 07786 255687
Home Pitch Fine Lane, Shorwell
Colours Royal Blue Shirts, Shorts & Socks.
ROBIN HOOD Secretary  
Address 10 Grove Close, Newport PO30 2AY
Home Pitch  
SANDS HOTEL Secretary Dan Newman
Address 6 Springfield Mews, Sandown, PO36 8HU
Contact 07872 909846 
Home Pitch Seaclose Park
Colours Blue shirts,White shorts & Blue socks.

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